Thursday, September 26, 2013

1 week post op left foot - 8 weeks post op right foot

I had my first post-op appointment  for my left ankle with the doctor yesterday and everything is going perfectly. He showed me Before and After x-rays and pointed out the corrected structure (Lazy S, he called it).There was a tiny trace of bruising and just a little swelling. Other than that, it's perfect.

It hardly hurts at all, but of course, I'm still in the big Velcro boot and don't walk very much at all. It will be more interesting after I get the stitches out next week and can walk without the boot.

To any of you thinking of having this surgery, the most important thing is the recovery. KEEP THE BOOT ON 24/7. STAY OFF YOUR FEET. ICE AS IF IT WERE A RELIGION. Yes, the boot is cumbersome and hard to sleep in. Wear it anyway - your ankle must not have any lateral motion for 2 weeks and when you're asleep, you can't control what position your foot is in. Yes, sitting (or better yet, lying) with your feet elevated for a week is boooooorrrrring - so stock up on DVDs, get a Netflix subscription, catch up on your reading. It's only for a week, you can do it. Yes, icing seems pointless, but it really isn't. Icing reduces inflammation which speeds healing. Do it 30 minutes out of every 60 for at least 3 days and then 3 times a day minimum for the next week. You'll be glad you did. And finally, once everything feels good, start walking again gradually. Halfway around the block is plenty, even if you feel you can walk 10 miles. Build up incrementally. Going too far too soon results in pain and inflammation and can put you back in bed with your feet up and ice wrapped around your ankle. Show some restraint - you've waited this long, just be patient as your body adapts to the new structure in your ankles. You'll be glad you did!

My right ankle is pain free and the plantar fasciitis is almost gone. Knee pains are a thing of the past. I have signed up for yoga and Pilates classes in the new year and can hardly wait to start walking the dog again. Once I can safely take the boot off, I am going start using the stationary bike in the basement so I don't feel that I have to get my exercise walking.

This surgery has given me my life back and I am so grateful.