Monday, November 2, 2015

More than 2 years after surgery

September 2015 marked the second anniversary of the surgery on my second foot. I could not be happier. Sure, I have a twinge now and then and sometimes my feet ache for a minute or two, but compared to what I used to have to endure, this is really nothing.

Before I had the surgery, I never knew when a piece of gravel would send me plummeting to the ground. The slightest irregularity would cause me to turn my ankle and fall, usually scraping my hands and knees, sometimes with bloody results.

Before I had the surgery, I had such crippling plantar fasciitis that I couldn't even walk from the car to my office - about 2 blocks - and had to take time off work. I slept with my foot in a splint every night, but it had no effect. Orthotics did nothing to relieve the agony and I mean *agony*. Painkillers did not even take the edge off. My quality of life seriously compromised.

When the surgeon implanted the stent, I had this sudden feeling of "rightness" - I do not know how else to explain it. My foot, my leg, my whole body, finally felt right - and I had not even taken a step.

Recovery was a breeze. The pain associated with the surgery and the recovery was nothing compared to what I had suffered before. I started walking with the boot immediately - I walked out of *surgery* completely unassisted. Throughout my recovery for both feet, I never had to use crutches. I was even able to do my groceries in the boot.

The plantar fasciitis went away almost immediately, never to return. My chronic hip and back pain was greatly lessened. Today, I can walk the dog for an hour, twice a day in addition to doing all my normal activities - in high heels - and I feel no pain at all.

I am so sorry to hear that many of you have not had the wonderful results that I have and I sincerely hope that you can find relief for your pain. For me, the Hyprocure stent, so far at least, has been nothing short of miraculous and I am so grateful to have my life back.