Saturday, May 17, 2014

8 months post surgery

There is still a bit of morning stiffness, but I find if I do 10 ankle circles in each direction before getting out of bed, the stiffness disappears. My right foot hurts a bit, especially after a long walk, but not with the blinding intensity it used to and not in the same place. It hurts more around the arch of my foot, which, come to think of it, makes sense, because those muscles are not used to being in that position.

My left side, the side I had done in September, aches at the ankle, knee and hip, most likely because of my new alignment. A couple of ibuprofen takes care of it. I figure once the muscles have adapted, the pain will eventually disappear.

If the shoes I wear are too tight, my feet hurt a bit more - and I get the numb feeling I used to get. But I think that this is a separate though related problem of nerve compression that developed over the many decades that I walked, ran (I used to be a regular jogger) and did high impact aerobics (I was an instructor) on talotarsal dislocated ankles. Ouch. The numbness is nothing like I had before, but if there was permanent damage, the stent is not going to fix that. In any case, it is very minor and not at all painful. Just strange to have your foot fall asleep while you are walking on it!

I was told that total healing takes one year so I am looking forward to the anniversary of both surgeries. But, to be honest, even if this is the best I ever get, it is so enormously better than it was at this time last year, when I had to take time off work because I could not face walking from my car to the office, that I will still be extremely grateful to have the stents implanted. The surgeries changed my life.

I encourage those of you who have a had this surgery to post here and those of you who are considering the procedure to post your questions. I have absolutely no affiliation with any doctors or with the Hyprocure people. My views are entirely my own.

I will try to check in more often and answer questions in a more timely manner.  Until then - keep well!