Monday, November 11, 2013

8 weeks post op on left ankle - 14 weeks post op on right ankle

I can walk the dog again! 30 minutes and no pain anywhere! If I go past 45 minutes, though, my left ankle really starts to hurt, so I have to be a bit more patient. My right ankle doesn't hurt at all anymore, so I figure in 6 more weeks, neither ankle will bother me at all. Wow!

One strange thing I have noticed is that the second toe on each foot is really sore. At first I thought it was in-grown toenails - there's a first time for everything, after all. But then I remembered back to my first visit to the podiatrist, where he showed me my x-rays and how my body was aligned, as opposed to how my body was *supposed* to be aligned. In properly aligned bodies, the weight is aligned over the second toe. Mine was doing weird stuff that was resulting in the bone of my big toe starting to get deformed into what would eventually have become a bunion. Is it a coincidence that proper alignment puts more stress on my second toes and the fact that my second toes have started to hurt? I think not. 

My second toes are actually the most painful part of this whole journey at this point. If they don't start feeling better within the next month or so, I'm going to see if my podiatrist can do something to help me. But I feel pretty confident that the toes will soon get used to their new role and the pain will recede.


  1. I accidently put this comment on your first post I thought you might miss it


    I have had the exact same thing as you done in Vancouver. I am 9 weeks post on my first foot and 2 weeks on my second.

    I have Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome case by partial talotarsal dislocation it is like Carpal tunnel but the nerves are compressed on the inside of my ankle. It is rare and extremely painful. I had a Tarsal Tunnel release done on my left foot in the spring it did not help but it did not make it any worse. I found out about hyprocure I knew I needed to align my feet to prevent further nerve damage. I do not expect an improvement in pain if I am lucky that may come with time but I can try pain medications knowing the nerve is not getting more damaged as I walk.

    So far I have noticed how much loser my muscles in my calf are in the foot that was done.I walked up a hill before my second surgery I couldn't believe how much easier it felt.

    I have a question did you feel the screw under your skin? I still have the sensation something is in my foot I had done first and it aches even lying down. It is not a bad pain but unlike you any pain I have is just adding to what was there before the surgery I am concerned about how long it will take to go away.

    I do think this surgery could have fixed my problem if they had it 10 years ago. Unfortunately 4 years ago I saw an idiot podiatrist that gave me a cortizone shot after I told him I didn't want one. He told me it was just lidocaine. It turned my problem of pain with walking to a nightmare of constant pain and permanant nerve damage ruining any chance at a full recovery.

    I am happy you have had so much pain relieve nobody understands how having pain in your feet totally changes your life you can't do anything it is miserable and lonely.

    I would appreciate a response


  2. No, I don't feel as if there is a screw under my skin, although when I touch the incision site, I get a kind of electric tingle. If I walk too much, my ankles ache and my plantar fasciitis comes back a little bit. I also get strange aches on the sides of my feet and my 2nd toes are swollen. My feet have gotten at least one 1/2 size bigger, maybe even a whole size. None of my old shoes fit anymore.

    I know what you mean - people tend to dismiss foot pain as something unimportant when in reality it cripples you in so many ways. It affected my morale so badly - the thought of living the rest of my life with such unrelenting pain just made me so terribly depressed. Now I feel relieved not only physically but emotionally too.

    1. I just had my stitches out of my second foot yesterday. I asked the podiatrist about the pain under my skin he said it is scar tissues not the screw and it will go away. The screw is actually very deep in the foot.

      My podiatrist has done over a 100 of these procedures and he says everyone heals at a different rate and with slightly different issues that is normal as your feet adjust to their new position he said be patient everyone does eventually heal. I am sure it will be a longer journey for me than most and I don't have the benefit of the pain I already had improving.

      I do have a strange second toes thing as well they grip when I walk. My unstable ankles made my toes spread and grip to help with balance when I stood on one leg. Now my second toe grips and I am not trying to make it do that it doesn't hurt it's just weird.

      I hope you don't mind me checking in with you every couple of weeks. It is so nice to have someone who has had the same procedure done to talk too. We even have the same number of weeks between surgeries on each foot.

      I am so happy to know this has helped you. I am hoping with time and medication I can get my pain to managable levels and be able to enjoy life again.

    2. So how is it going? Has your level of pain gone down?

  3. Hi Jo-Anne, i have just happened upon your blog and was wondering if would share how you are doing now? I am considering getting the treatment too. Thanks

    1. I just got back from a hour long walk with the dog, something I do twice a day now. I still have pain - but not the same pain and certainly not at the same level as I had before. It's more like there are certain muscles and tissues in my feet and legs that were never used before my surgeries that are now being called into play. So they ache because they are not used to the demands being put on them. I am also noticing the feeling of "walking on the outsides of my feet" that I have read that others experienced. I thought it would happen immediately after surgery, but it is happening now, confirmation that my alignment is not totally different than it was before.

      The Hyprocure stent has changed my life for the better. I can only speak from my own experience, but I do recommend it. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

      Let us know what you decide to do.

    2. Sorry - meant to say that my alignment IS totally different than before my surgeries!

  4. Hi JoAnne, Thank you for sharing your experience. I've been thinking about having this done on both feet, and it's been hard finding testimonials that aren't connected to doctor websites. I was wondering how you are doing now? And, if you don't mind, was your doctor a certified or master surgeon for Hyprocure? I'm trying to determine how important that is in choosing a qualified doctor. Thanks for your time.

    1. Hi Donna,

      As you can seem from my reply to Tracey, I am doing very well. I had different doctors for each foot and both of them were certified by Hyprocure. I think that it is absolutely essential that the doctor you choose be certified by Hyprocure and have experience. From what I have read, any other procedure will not have the same kind of success rate.

      So, in my opinion, I say find a surgeon with the most experience using Hyprocure that you can - it is your best chance of guaranteeing a successful outcome.

  5. I'm 5 weeks post op today. Still on crutches & still can't put much pressure on my foot. I felt really good on Monday then went to Physio which seemed to make me worse. I'm really hoping I start to notice improvement soon. I have a wedding to go to in 23 days. My Podiatrist tells me to be patient, everyone heals differently. I wonder why it feels like I can feel my stent when I try to stretch my foot.